Monday, 20 September 2010

Objects of Desire: The Mighty Thor Volume 1 Omnibus

Considering my fondness for silver age Marvel comics drawn by Jack Kirby, I was never a fan of Thor when I was a boy. I think I found all of that fake Shakespearian language written by Stan Lee off putting. Also, I never liked the way Wasp made lusty comments about him during early Avengers stories. I mean, for God’s sake, Wasp; Ant Man’s standing right next to you and you’re going on about how fit Thor is supposed to be! However, I want this collection of Thor’s earliest Marvel comics badly. So very, very badly.

Unfortunately, there’s even more to this Omnibus edition than to the Captain America one I also crave. It retails for a hefty one hundred dollars which means Amazon UK has it for a massive £63.75. Further more, they’re running what I assume to be the incorrect cover with the listing. Why would anyone who is prepared to spend that much money on this type of thing want a modern interpretation of the character on the dust jacket when inside there’s nothing but cool, old style artwork? More encouraging is Forbidden Planet dot com that has the preferable cover listed along with the book at a cheaper price of £51.74. Even better is Forbidden Planet dot co dot UK who lists it at £50.25. Unlike the Captain America Omnibus, buying the original comics is much more expensive than the book. However, despite this, it’s still a purchase that’s difficult to justify in these tough economic times.

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