Sunday, 26 September 2010

Objects of Desire; Amazing Fantasy Omnibus

I’m sure that during the late seventies, by the time Marvel UK had seemingly reprinted all of Jack Kirby’s and Steve Ditko’s Silver Age superhero work, short monster and paranoid supernatural strips from the start of that era began to appear. I’m not entirely sure where. Maybe they popped up as Tales of The Watcher shorts in Star Wars Weekly or as fillers, although the word ‘fillers’ seems insulting, in anthologies such as Forces In Combat, Future Tense or Marvel Comics. I saw one drawn by Ditko recently in an issue of the Mighty World of Marvel from the seventies. It looked amazing.

The thing is, despite barely remembering these strips or where they appeared, I’ve got it into my head that they originally featured in Amazing Fantasy, which is why I covert the Omnibus edition. I know what you’re thinking; all I seem to covert are Marvel Omnibus books, but believe me, this isn’t true, it just looks that way. It felt appropriate to include the Amazing Fantasy Omnibus in my list of desires now after mentioning it during my recent review of X-Men and Spider-Man.

The book is still available to buy from Amazon for £41.99, Forbidden Planet UK for £41.99 again and Forbidden Planet dot com for £32.99 (book ordered on request and price not including postage) but it’s difficult to justify this purchase given the current environment and the vagaries of its contents.

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