Saturday, 18 September 2010

Objects of Desire: Captain America By Jack Kirby Omnibus

Ohh, I want the Captain America Omnibus so badly. I love Marvel’s Omnibus books even if their size does make them hard to read anywhere other than on a lectern. I especially like those editions that collect silver age Marvel work by Steve Ditko or, as in this case, Jack Kirby. But the current exchange rate means that Amazon UK is listing this $75 book at £47.59 which is more than $100 Omnibus editions have been listed at in the past. The cheapest I’ve found it for so far is on Forbidden Planet’s website for £38.63 which is quite a difference but still a lot of money. It’s like Rob said to me, I can probably get the original comics for less. He’s right and in fact, I even have some of them. So, at the moment, I’m hoping Amazon UK reappraise their price of this book, as both quotes are outside of my range at the moment.

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  1. I want this too but I'm pretty sure that everything in it - including the Bicentennial Battles Treasury Edition - is also in Essential Captain America Vol.5, which is in black and white and on crappy paper but only £11.49 on Amazon (and my wish list) at the moment. I must say, I do like the word lectern. I must get one.