Thursday, 16 September 2010

Rules of On The Ration

I don’t know about you but as much as I enjoy reading comics I find that, these days, they are poor value for money. What’s the average price of a Marvel or DC comic? $3.99? For twenty two pages, that seems like a lot of money. For those of us based in the UK, thanks to the current exchange rate, that works out at nearly three pounds a pop. Hardly affordable during these times of austerity, is it? (Did you know according to a recent survey carried out by some people that the soon to be announced government cuts in public spending place a disproportionate burden on the comic reader?)

Which is why Comics – On The Ration has come into being. On The Ration is a system designed for readers to extract the maximum amount of joy from their pastime/hobby/vocation devised by scientists, artists and free thinkers. We will endeavour to post on this blog our reviews of comics and graphic novels purchased according to the following rules and to share our methods of keeping to them.

The Rules

1. No more than £1.20 can be spent on a single periodical comic with an exclusive deal with Diamond Comic Distributors. (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse etc). This price includes P&P.

2. All other comics and GNs must be bought at a price considered reasonable by the reviewer. Obviously, the cheaper the item, the greater the achievement. (Examples include comics distributed to UK news agents, small press, indy etc).

3. Everything bought must be used for purpose before selling on. In other words, if you buy a comic that you regret then you still have to read and review it before placing it on eBay.

4. Every comic must be accessed legally. In other words, no illegal downloading or stealing from your local comic shop.

These are our rules. Let the rationing commence!

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