Thursday, 7 October 2010

Object Of Desire - Invaders Classic Vol.4 TPB

This fourth volume of Invaders Classic reprints the last seven issues (#35 to #41) of Marvel’s classic 1970s series The Invaders, plus four issues of some Invaders series from the 1990s, about which I know nothing and care little. I have the first three volumes of Invaders Classic, so I now feel kind of obliged to pick up a copy of this fourth volume. However, I have a strong feeling that this isn’t going to be that great.

The first two Invaders Classic volumes were actually pretty good. I have fond memories of this series from my childhood but I didn’t really expect it to stand the test of time. They were decent comics, though. It’s obvious that Roy Thomas – who wrote every issue in the first two books – had a lot of affection for the characters and an interest in World War II, and that really shone through. I mean, they weren’t brilliant comics – far from it – but I was at least pleasantly surprised. Most issues in those first two books also had the benefit of being drawn by Frank Robbins, who had a really great style (I somehow can’t imagine Robbins drawing comics in any era other than the ‘70s, although I understand that he was a golden age comics veteran). Plus a lot of those early issues had great Jack Kirby covers – how could you possibly go wrong?

Still, the third volume in this series wasn’t so good. The first few issues in it were still written by Thomas and drawn by Robbins but then we started to get issues written by Don Glut (who?) and art by Alan Kupperberg (yawn!) and things went badly downhill. I suspect that this final volume of the series will be much the same but I still want it, just to complete the set and say I have read every issue of the Invaders. Pathetic really, isn’t it? You never know, though, there might be some good stuff in here. There might even be more Frank Robbins art, but I’m not hopeful. The Amazon listing doesn’t mention his name but does mention Glut, Kupperberg and someone called Dave Hoover (???), which doesn’t make this book a particularly exciting prospect. Worst of all, it has a recommended retail price of £22.50, which seems really expensive for something like this, and even the Amazon price of £16.99 seems like too much. This, I can safely say, is one I will be looking out for ‘on the ration’.


  1. I'm pretty certain Frank Robbins didn't draw any of the comics in this volume, Rob. If I were you, I wouldn't bother. In fact, I'd sell volume three on eBay. BTW, do the first two volumes reprint Kirby's cool covers too?

  2. I do still want to read this quite a bit and would happily buy it if it was only five or six quid, I just don't want to spend £16+ on a book of comics by Don Glut and Alan Kupperberg. I may just ask in my local library and see if they can order me in a copy. Vol.3 is at least 50 per cent Roy Thomas and Frank Robbins, by the way. It just gets a bit crap half way through. All volumes reprint the covers, and I think there were even a couple of golden age reprints in the first couple of volumes.