Friday, 29 October 2010

Objects of Desire; Batman and Robin 4 - 16

I find Grant Morrison to be a writer whose work is always worth reading, even when he’s working on a character from who I feel I’ve seen all there is to see, like Batman. Unfortunately, a lot of other people feel similarly as I’ve found it near impossible to get copies of Batman and Robin within the strict budgetary limits of On The Ration. I have the first three issues, unread and bought from Rob when he was feeling vulnerable last year, but since then I’ve hit a wall. As a result, I’m considering alternatives which are as follows.

1. Buy the hardback collections. These are nice looking books that retail at £18.99 at a time. Even from discounted place like
Amazon (£10.49) and Forbidden Planet UK (£13.10), this is still a bit pricey. Also, I’m only really interested in the stories written by Morrison and I suspect for volume three, half of it will be scripted by his successor.

2. Buy the upcoming soft cover collections. Obviously, this retails for less but, ultimately, the same problem in regards to Grant Morrison writing volume three applies as above.

3. Buy the monthly Batman Legends comic published by Titan. You get three recent Batman comics collected in a single issue, one of which currently includes Morrison’s Batman and Robin, for a very reasonable £2.99. However, it’s not great value for money if, like me, you’re only interested in one of the stories. Besides, at any point, Titan editorial could change their minds as to what they reprint in it, or cancel the comic altogether.

So, these are my options and, thanks to a to-read pile that is larger than I am comfortable with, I don’t feel under pressure to make a decision just yet.


  1. You're always taking advantage of me when I'm feeling vulnerable.

  2. Arh but since its been announced that Paul Cornell will be writing the three parter that follows Morrison's run I'd suggest that it could very well be worth reading as well.

  3. I quite like what I've read of Paul Cornell so might stick around after all.