Saturday, 9 October 2010

Objects of Desire; Charley's War, all of 'em.

As a child, I wasn’t interested in war comics although, during the early eighties, I picked up the two volumes of Charley’s War published by Titan. I was a big fan of 2000 AD at this time and I had read in the comic press that Charley’s War, which appeared in Battle, was very good. How could it not be, I reasoned, as it’s written by Pat Mills. Unfortunately, it’s only been in recent years that Titan Books have picked up and extended their run of collections beyond the initial two. The new prints are impressive looking hardbacks packed with strips and associated articles; true objects of desire. I managed to pick up volume three for a very reasonable price last year but I’ve been holding off reading it until I get the other six. However, at £14.95 a pop, it looks like I’ve a long wait.

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