Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Review - Roy of the Rovers - The 1980s

Promising 208 pages of scorching soccer action, this collection from Titan is a nostalgic flashback to my childhood, when my parents were okay with me reading comics just as long as they didn't feature those silly American superheroes.

This collection collects a year or so of strips from our titular character, and his team, Melchester Rovers. Although the title might suggest that it features strips from across the decade, it's actually all from around 1982. I'm sure you can probably all remember, but nothing went right that year for Melchester. Despite Racey's best efforts, they were relegated from the First Division, and in an attempt to ape Dallas, Roy was shot and the story didn't reveal the shooter for several months.

I enjoyed reading this. Sure, the art chops and changes a bit, but stylistically its of a kind, and the reproduction is nice. There are some nice period touches, such as Alf Ramsey covering for Roy when he is in hospital post-shooting.

If I'd fault the collection, I'd note that the information about the individual strips isn't particularly comprehensive - I still have no idea who drew any of the strips in this collection.

But this isn't a deal-breaker. The clincher is that my copy of the book turned up in a local branch of The Works, for the bargain price of £2.99. How else can you recapture your youth for the price of a pint?


  1. I read that issue of Roy of The Rover where Roy gets shot recently, I'm sure. I think it was one of the comic mock-ups The Guardian gave away for free last year.

  2. I'd forgotten that - you're right!