Sunday, 28 November 2010

Review; The Savage World of Sakaar

Due to the strict rules governing this blog, there have been certain runs on comics I desire but have been unable to buy, so readers of On The Ration will be unaware of my secret Hulk shame. I won’t go into full detail about it today except to say that I have successfully plugged the gaps in my recent runs of Hulk comics according to blog rules (ish) and will commence reading, and therefore reviewing, soon.

As a forerunner, I recently read The Savage World of Sakaar, written by Greg Pak and drawn by various artists including Carlo Pagulayan, Timothy Truman and Timothy Green. Set on the planet Sakaar, the place Hulk was exiled to during the recent Planet Hulk saga, a group of refugees share stories about their own mythological characters while Skaar, the bastard son of Hulk, potters about in the background.

The first thing that’s slightly irksome about this comic is that it’s a special published between issues 3 and 4 of Skaar Son of Hulk which I have already read. Why Marvel saw it necessary to separate this tale from the main run I have no idea but, as a result, I feel I’ve experienced this issue out of order. On its own though, it works as a good scene setter for those who may have fallen behind on this Hulk saga guided, principally, by Greg Pak through various comics including The Incredible Hulk, Skaar Son of Hulk and Hercules. There’s even a special 8 paged recap of the story so far.

I respect Pak greatly for contributing new myths to Hulk’s world, especially when most other writers would have happily referred to the original Silver Age stories written by Stan Lee for ideas as they do with all other marvel characters. However, the big thrill in this story is when Skaar beats the living sap out of a cactus-monster in the climax, Hulk-style. Although not quite as satisfying as a full Hulk-out, where a timid scientist transforms into a big, muscley, green monster before breaking everything, seeing Skarr smash the place up is exhilarating nonetheless.

Budgetary stats! This came as part of an eBay win which, technically, prices it as 61p including postage. However, it’s a bit more complicated than that as I’ll explain in the future. Technically, it comes in under budget, though.

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  1. A few questions for you, Paul: Who is the mother of Hulk's bastard son? I seem to remember Hulk having a pregnant girlfriend (or wife?) at the end of Planet Hulk, which was the last Hulk comic I read, but she died, didn't she? And wasn't Sakaar destroyed at the end of Planet Hulk?