Monday, 22 November 2010

Review; Spandex 3

In the third issue of Spandex, the world is being turned into a grey, colourless place by Nadir, an eerie villain if ever there was one. The population are now nothing but work drones and all that remains of the old world are four, untouched members of the colourful superhero team, Spandex. Can they save us all from joyless conformity or is it already too late?

Spandex is the full colour, all gay superhero comic written and drawn by Martin Eden. At first glance, Martin’s art looks deceptively simple but actually, he often draws fulfilling crowd scenes and complex environments. He also makes good use of the colour, in this issue’s case, taking advantage of one of the story’s themes to grey-tone his world so that the flashes of colour gain power representing individuality, happiness, defiance and life.

In many ways Spandex takes guidance from mainstream American superhero comics from the early eighties where the super powered narrative starts and finishes in the same issue but the relationships between the characters form the soap operatic thread. This means that we’re just as likely to return for issue four to see what happens next as we are because previous issues were satisfying in their own right. Even if it’s not the first time an all gay cast has appeared in a superhero comic, Spandex still feels liberating. Its Martin’s determination to provide a satisfying experience in a single issue when most mainstream entertainments are prolonging their ideas over years is what makes this book so refreshing.

Budgetary stats; At £3 for 36, full colour pages, each filled with content not puff, why even bother trying to find it cheaper elsewhere when at retail, it’s great value for money anyway. Visit Martin's
website for how to buy this and the previous issues.

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