Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Review; VerityFair 2

Everything Verity does is a performance and why not? She works as an actress, like in Extras, except she seems to enjoy her low key roles. (I say “seems” because we’re yet to see her actually at work). If you need an entertaining evening out at the pub but don’t fancy putting the effort in then she’s the person you need to call. You’ll be guaranteed a good laugh. Verity, real name Tracy Perkins, and her friends stride through central London, as large as life, a sight to behold, swinging around lampposts and pirouetting through the crowds; a simple walk with them between pubs turns somehow into a celebration.

VerityFair is the creation of Terry Wiley, or, more accurately, Terry Wiley is the conduit through which VerityFair speaks. The biggest surprise to me, as somebody who has seen much of Terry’s previous work but with other creators, is how strong his writing is. He has a fabulous ear for dialogue and his characterisation is absolutely top notch. When Verity’s vulnerability starts to bubble to the surface, Terry’s portrayal of her remains unshakably authentic; she wobbles momentarily, shakes the doubts to the back of her mind and then gets on with the show.

Terry draws everybody beautifully but to give the strip an all new level of realism he uses actual photographs of locations as the backdrops. I’m fascinated to learn the practicalities of how this combination of the real and the drawn works, particularly as I suspect this method is harder to work with than simply drawing the backgrounds. Weirdly, the result is fascinating mainly because the characters, drawn, feel more real than the environments, photographed.

If Verity Fair were to wander into a TV drama, she would render all other characters flat, she seems that great a creation to me. A perfectly rendered, British icon of the highest order you absolutely should seek out.

Details; There are two versions of VerityFair available; a colour and a black and white. The colour version, which I have, cost £3 while the black and white, which looks great just the same, costs, well, I don’t know, but less. This is Terry’s website. Contact him there and say I sent you.

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