Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Review - Ex Machina Vol.9: Ring Out The Old TPB

In this penultimate volume in the Ex Machina series, which collects Ex Machina issues 40 to 44 and Ex Machina Special #4, creators Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris make an appearance in their own comic as they audition to produce the comic book autobiography of New York mayor Mitchell Hundred, formerly the superhero known as ‘The Great Machine’. Also, Mitchell realises that comic collecting isn’t that great for the environment (all that non-recycled paper preserved in plastic bags for all eternity) and, in the main story, a plague of man-eating rats leads him to discover why he really got his powers (he can talk to / control machines) and we find out how he really managed to win the election.

It’s another good book in a good series. Brian K. Vaughan’s script is witty and intelligent, like most of his scripts, and Tony Harris’s art is clean and realistic. John Paul Leon’s art on Ex Machina Special #4, while completely different in style, is very good, too. Ex Machina is something I always enjoy reading but, for some reason, I usually struggle to get excited about it. Still, the ending of this volume left me keen to move on to the final volume and I’m pretty sure that I will want to re-read this series at some point in the future, possibly in some fancy format.

This has a recommended retail price of £10.99 (well, that’s the rip-off Titan Books price on the back cover) but the Book Depository have it for just £7.43 at the moment (it’s £9.89 on Amazon!). I got the copy I read out of my local library, who ordered it in especially for me, and all I had to pay was a 25p reservation fee. It’s no wonder the country is in such a mess, when the local council is helping to fund my comic reading habit, but I really hope they can get me a copy of Ex Machina Vol. 10, too.


  1. Read Vol 10 the other day... an unexpectedly dark conclusion. Great stuff.

  2. My local library probably won't get vol.10 in until the Titan Books edition comes out, which isn't until April, or something like that. I may have to buy a copy before then. I would have bought it already if I had all the other volumes, but the only other volume in this series that I actually own is vol.8. I wish I had bought them all, though.