Friday, 24 December 2010

Review; Live Static

The first thing I notice about Live Static is how good the production is. It’s a neat, perfect bound book that looks at if it’s been sent to me fresh from the printer’s press. It feels as if it will stay in mint condition no matter how many times I handle it and presuming I don’t run over it in the car or drop it into the bath.

Live Static is story of a couple who seem to be drifting apart. He is increasingly distant while she is growing more frustrated with him. All he wants to do is watch TV while she wants to go to the beach. All he ever seems to be happy watching on TV is Channel 8 and all Channel 8 ever seems to show is the same film about a dead woman’s mutilated body being found in the woods. Is the film just a release for him or is it directing him in how to finish his relationship with his partner or is it a record of how it actually ended?

This is another creepy story by Douglas Noble (see my review of Sightings of Wallace Sendek), this time drawn by him as well. Douglas’s art style is deadpan, drawn with distinct contrasts between strong blacks and whites. The effect of this art combined with his dialogue is very atmospheric, sending dark tendrils into the little parts of the imagination.

Live Static costs £7, price includes postage to the UK, and copies can be ordered from Douglas’s website
Strip For Me.

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