Sunday, 26 December 2010

Review - Love and Rockets: New Stories #2

This second issue of Love and Rockets: New Stories was more disappointing than the first issue, mainly because I found the second half of Jaime’s superhero story, ‘Ti-Girls Adventures Number 34’, a bit of a struggle to get through. This might have been a fun story at twenty or thirty pages, but a hundred pages spread over two issues was a bit much for me. It looked great, of course, and had its moments – I really liked the bit where Angel’s mum told her that all women are born with super-powers, which most of them lose as they get older, but that guys have ‘gotta go out an’ have lab accidents and other stuff to get their cajones’ – but mostly it dragged and I really hope Jaime gets back to some more down to earth stories soon.

Gilbert provided two (connected) stories for this issue. The first, ‘Sad Girl’, was about a girl called Killer who had starred in the remake of an old art house movie – which her friends think was a porn movie – but didn’t particularly enjoy the experience. It may have been connected to other stories that I can’t remember from earlier issues of L&R – Killer has massive tits and looks a lot like a young Luba – but on its own it seemed to serve little purpose, other than to lead into the next (longer) strip, ‘Hypnotwist’, which was the comic strip version of the old film Killer remade. It’s a silent, surreal strip. It made no sense (to me) but it looked good and I quite liked it. It was hardly essential reading, though.

I really like the new graphic novel format for Love and Rockets but I’m not sure that either of the issues released so far will have attracted many new readers, which was presumably the point of the relaunch. Hopefully, the Hernandez brothers can produce some stories for future issues that take better advantage of the format – more self-contained stories – and seem more essential.

Cost: I paid $14.99 – about £10.00 – for this in Isotope Comics in San Francisco, on a recent holiday in California. I don’t regret buying it but I probably should have waited until I got home, as the Book Depository have it for just £7.88.

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