Saturday, 4 December 2010

Review; Sightings of Wallace Sendek

Sightings of Wallace Sendek is about a rock star who disappears in 1976. What occurs over the following years is a series of supposed sightings, many of them eerie and unnerving, and hints at what really happened to the popular musician; did he walk away from success to live a quiet life or was he killed… or worse?

Written by Douglas Noble and drawn by Sean Azzopardi, Sightings of Wallace Sendek is a one-off comic, a short. I don’t know if this is the first time that they’ve worked together but the result is effective. The spooky atmosphere of Douglas’ compelling story is presented beautifully by Sean’s artwork. The result of this creative combination feels like something delivered from a third, new creator. They certainly make beautiful comics together.

I bought Sightings of Wallace Sendek for £2 directly from the writer at Thought Bubble. You can probably buy a copy for a similar price by contacting Douglas for details via his

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