Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Review; Steve Rogers Super Soldier 1 – 4

The former and, let’s face it, future Captain America, Steve Rogers, is now known as Super Soldier and just like Norman Osborn and Iron Man before him, seems to be in charge of the Marvel Universe. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a bullshit position but Marvel insist that it should exist and so, I suppose, in the circumstances, Rogers is the best man for the job.

In this mini series, Rogers is tipped off by Wisdom from the Captain Britain comics that the grandson of Professor Erskine has cracked the super soldier serum code and intends to sell it to dodgy foreign governments. Actually, it’s all part of some trap by Machinesmith, a super villain I remember from John Byrne’s excellent but short lived run on the comic when I was a kid. He needs Rogers for the final bit of the formula and, while he’s at it, de-super-soldiers him, making him just some skinny Joe again.

It’s written by long time Captain America writer Ed Brubaker and, I suppose, serves as a spin-off from the main title. It’s a fun yarn with some cool moments such as Steve Rogers defying the assumption that just because he’s skinny now doesn’t mean he’s forgotten all of his special fighting moves. However, the story isn’t entirely free from flaws. Why, for example, if Machinesmith is so good at robotics, so good in fact that he can, for example, download his own consciousness to any electronic device, would it be so important to him to make a fortune by illegal means outside of his speciality? Why doesn’t he just sell his robot patents? I would be okay with this sort of muddled super villain logic if Marvel wasn’t in the midst of an age of plausibility, where character’s motives are being over rationalised to tedium. Also, Brubaker’s story telling is becoming increasingly spacious. I know this is the modern way but this really could have been told just as well at half the length.

Steve Rogers Super Soldier is a four part series I won in an eBay auction for £4.70, which is 10p under budget. Yay me!

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  1. A couple of years ago, Brubaker's Captain America was my 2nd favourite Marvel comic (after Daredevil) but I got so bored with the story never ending and 'Reborn' that I eventually gave up on it and sold off all my Brubaker Cap TPBs. Now I am so out of touch with Marvel Comics that I had never even heard of this title until you posted this review. I don't even look at the Marvel solicitations anymore, and the last couple of times I did look at the Marvel solicitations I only looked at the graphic novels because there were just too many comics to wade through, most of them mini-series and spin-offs like this one. Sort yourselves out, Marvel!