Sunday, 16 January 2011

Object of Desire - Strange Tales TPB

This trade paperback collects Marvel’s three-issue Strange Tales mini-series from 2009, which contained work by ‘alternative’ cartoonists such as Peter Bagge, Jason, Michael Kupperman, Johnny Ryan, Paul Pope, and more. It also collects Peter Bagge’s Megalomaniacal Spider-Man one-shot from 2002 and some material for the All Select Comics 70th Anniversary Special (whatever that was). I don't remember that Megalomaniacal Spider-Man one-shot being that great but I really want to read the rest of this, and am even more keen on getting a copy of the forthcoming Strange Tales II TPB, because that series contained material by the Hernandez brothers. However, this book collects less than five comics and has a recommended retail price of £14.99 / $19.99, which seems like rather a lot to me. This isn’t even the hardcover edition – that had a cover price of £22.50 / $29.95! – but for some reason it is priced like one of those rip-off Marvel 'Premiere' hardcovers.

The Book Depository and Forbidden Planet International seem to be the cheapest places to get this online, but even their price of £11.34 (including postage) seems like quite a lot for what promises to be quite a slender book. I’m setting myself a more reasonable limit of £7.00 for this one, and will be keeping an eye out for a copy on my travels / eBay. Progress report / review to follow.


  1. People keep telling me how much I need to read this book, but I'm not sure I'd enjoy it. I like some of the indie creators involved and I have a deep and by this stage utterly nonsensical love of the Marvel Universe, but I rarely think the two mix very well. I didn't enjoy Bagge's Spider-Man book at all. It just fell like a cruel pisstake.

    The closest I think anyone's ever come to marrying indie sensibilities with traditional Marvel superheroics was Milligan & Allred's X-Statix. I liked that.

  2. I have gone off Peter Bagge a bit these days, and wasn't even that much of a Hate fan (I loved Neat Stuff!), but I would like to read the other stuff in this book. I suspect that it will be disappointing, like that DC Bizarro Comics book (the only thing I can remember from that is a great two-page spread by Gilbert Hernandez that showed all the JLA members as kids in a playground) but I'd like to give it a go anyway.