Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Review - The Nobody GN

This graphic novel, by Jeff Lemire, is a modern take on The Invisible Man. Here, John Griffen stumbles into a small town called Large Mouth wearing dark glasses and covered in bandages after a ‘lab accident’ killed his wife and turned him invisible. He quickly befriends a young girl called Vickie and becomes the subject of a lot of town gossip. Slowly descending into madness, he resorts to desperate measures to protect his invisibility formula, and his freedom, and eventually finds himself being chased through Large Mouth by its angry residents.

There wasn’t a huge amount to this book – the small town mentality has been explored in many an indie movie and the Invisible Man and the angry mob chasing a misunderstood monster out of town will be familiar to anyone who has ever seen an old horror film – but I liked it a lot. It was quite a quick read but it read very well, thanks to Lemire’s cinematic pacing, and I really liked the messy / inky art.

The only other book I have read by Jeff Lemire was the first volume of Sweet Tooth. I wasn’t sure whether or not to carry on with that particular series but I now think I will and I am looking forward to reading the copy of Lemire’s Essex County Trilogy that I got recently.

The Nobody has a cover price of £10.99 but Forbidden Planet International currently have it for £8.58 (including postage), which seems to be the cheapest price online at the moment. I got the copy I read out of my local library.

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