Saturday, 12 February 2011

Review - The Walking Dead Vol.11 TPB

I’m starting to think that Robert Kirkman may have run out of ideas for this series. Actually, I’m beginning to wonder if he ever had any ideas for this series. I mean, he has obviously given a lot of thought to the practicalities of day to day survival in a world overrun with zombies – I know this because the characters do pretty much nothing but talk about the practicalities of day to day survival in a world overrun with zombies – but the actual story hasn’t really moved on that much at all, and the goings on this volume seemed quite familiar and a little bit desperate.

Towards the end of WD Vol.10, one of the kids Dale and Andrea adopted (I can’t remember whose kids they were now) was seen killing a cat and playing with its innards. As any nerd / weirdo knows, killing animals as a child is a classic sign that someone will grow up to be a serial killer, and sure enough, this kid grows up really quickly and kills someone in the first few pages of this volume. This means that our heroes get a chance to do what they like doing best – talking – as they debate the morality of whether or not they should kill the kid before he kills again. Eventually, someone does kill him, but our heroes then miss an opportunity to stand around debating the morality of whether or not they should kill the person who killed the kid before they kill again (and so on).

The rest of the book is about a group of talkative cannibals who have been stalking our heroes. At one point, they capture one of the WD gang, cut off his leg, eat it, and then try and bore him to death by talking to him a lot. Eventually, the rest of the WD gang catch up with the cannibals and get their bloody revenge and Rick then spends a couple of pages talking to himself about the morality of what they did to the cannibals. That man just can’t seem to stop talking!

This volume was not my favourite volume in the series by a long way, mainly because I found the serial killer kid and cannibal stories a bit unoriginal and overwrought and they both stopped the overall story from moving forward. I just want to know what caused the zombie outbreak so that they can sort it out once and for all and everything can get back to normal! Is that too much to ask? I’m also starting to think that our ‘heroes’ are arseholes, as Rick in particular has brutally murdered rather a lot of people by now but is the first one to judge anyone else who does anything bad. And for a zombie book, this volume was very light on zombie action, although a major character did get bitten by a zombie and die, which I forgot to mention before now because I was too distracted by all that other stuff. Sorry.

I still read this quickly and moved straight on to the next volume, so I guess it couldn’t have been that bad. I just think it could have been better.

Cost: This has a recommended retail price of £10.99 / $14.99. I bought my copy from Amazon last year for £9.39 (why did I pay that much for it when I didn’t even own all the previous volumes?) but it has since gone down in price to £6.34 (I should have waited) and the Book Depository have it a penny cheaper (I should have waited and got it from there, but I guess a penny is nothing these days).

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