Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Review - The Walking Dead Vol.13 TPB

This volume, which collects the Walking Dead issues 73 to 78, is the least exciting volume of the series so far, with barely a zombie in sight. Instead, the focus is on Rick and the gang as they struggle to adjust to life in the gated community they moved to in the previous volume and talk a lot (of course).

At one point, Rick, who is becoming more and more self-righteous with each passing volume, takes it upon himself to deal with a community member called Pete who has been beating his wife and kid, but does so in such a manner that he just ends up making things worse. Pete goes crazy with a knife, ends up killing someone, and Rick then shoots him. Later, Rick and co. have to deal with a gang of armed survivors who try and take over the community, and Douglas, the community’s leader, concludes that Rick would probably be a more suitable leader.

It didn’t make sense to me that Douglas would want Rick to take over, as the person Pete killed was someone close to Douglas and you’d think that Douglas would be pissed off that Rick had provoked Pete. But no, Douglas thinks that Rick showed uncanny insight in spotting that Pete was a bit of a nutter – even though his kid’s black eye was a big giveaway – and that he dealt with the survivors who tried to take over the camp really well. However, what Douglas doesn’t know is that all the shooting that took place between Rick and co. and the gang that tried to take over the community has attracted a zombie ‘herd’, which hopefully means that the community will get demolished at some point in the next volume and something more interesting will happen in future volumes. I’m not optimistic, and I suspect that the gang will just find another place to live and talk (and talk and talk and talk) and that I will eventually lose interest in the series altogether. For now, though, I’m just about interested enough to check in again when the next volume comes out.

This volume has a recommended retail price of £10.99 / $14.99. My niece bought me my copy for Christmas and I don’t know how much she paid but I know she got it from Amazon, where it is currently just £6.27.


  1. Well I've always nervously diverted my gaze away from 'Walking Dead'. Worried that closer inspection would draw me in and then they'd be another load of trades I'd be adding to my list. After all its a widely acclaimed hit with zombies in, what's not to like?

    Well hurrah for your great reviews. While it highlights there is much to like, after all Charlie Adlard art and zombies, they've successfully put pay to temptation, and confirmed a few things I've read elsewhere. I now can look them it squarely in the eye and say 'Bring it on, come on Kirkman do your worst' and reckon I can just walk away.

    Perversely that means I may well now read some from the library I work in not a feared for my wallet... go figure the logic of that one???

  2. Makes perfect sense to me. There are lots of series that I have avoided in case I get sucked in and end up spending a fortune. There are several Vertigo series that I am tempted by at the moment but I've been avoiding them for precisely that reason. I just reserved the first two volumes of 'Scalped' in my local library but only because I know that they have all the other volumes released so far scattered around various libraries in Kent and I should be able to read them all for free (as long as I hurry up and read them all before that nice Mr Cameron closes all the libraries down). I'm a bit about worried what might happen if that first volume of 'Northlanders' I got out of the library last week turns out to be good, though.

    The Walking Dead is well worth getting out of the library, especially if you work in a library anyway, but it could be a lot better. I definitely want to know what happens next, I'm just not really sure that this was a series a needed to own and I may end up selling these books soon.

  3. P.S. Sorry about all the spoilers in my reviews! I hope I haven't ruined these books for you if you do choose to read them.

  4. Oh I choose to read the reviews so nothing to apologise for. To be honest as I started reading you're reviews I wasn't going to be getting 'Walking Dead' anyway so to be honest no harm done either way. I've enjoyed you're reviews so much again I've followed them rather than take the spoiler free approach too so I'm entirely at fault (if fault were needed)!