Friday, 11 March 2011

Review - Tales Designed To Thrizzle Volume One HC

This book collects the first four issues of Michael Kupperman’s surreal humour comic, Tales Designed To Thrizzle. I’m sure I read somewhere recently that ‘Thrizzle’ is Grant Morrison’s favourite comic, and based on the four issues collected here, it’s fairly obvious why. Like most of Morrison’s comics – which I’m not always a fan of – this is very clever but also largely nonsensical. Fortunately, it’s rather funny, too, which goes a long way in my book.

Tales Designed To Thrizzle is a mix of short comic strips, mock ads and mock comic covers. I didn’t cry with laughter at any point while reading this, unlike some of the famous people who provided quotes for the back cover, but I did giggle quite a lot, laughed out loud several times, and am pretty sure that I will want to read some of the material in here again and again. I particularly liked the Cousin Grandpa strips (Cousin Grandpa on Noah’s Ark: ‘Well, at least I’ll not want for food.’), the ad for Mickey Rourke’s Pubic Stencils (‘This one started as a novel, then I realized the story would work better within the medium of pubic hair’) and the mock comic covers (who wouldn’t want to read comics like ‘Mentally Ill Gangsters’ and ‘Modern Chimp-Barbering Romance’?), although my very favourite thing, the thing that made me laugh most, was Feisty Grandpa’s Movie Review Corner, which was just a short text piece that took up less than a third of a page, but was also quite brilliant. I was less keen on the Snake ‘N’ Bacon strips – Snake ‘N’ Bacon are a snake and a piece of bacon who investigate crimes and travel through time – but I’m still tempted to order a copy of Kupperman’s previous graphic novel, Snake ‘N’ Bacon’s Cartoon Cabaret, because it looks like that also contains strips featuring other characters who went on to appear in Tales Designed To Thrizzle, like the aforementioned Cousin Grandpa, and The Mannister (a man who can turn into a banister).

This is a very nice-looking, well-designed book, as well as a funny one. Kupperman’s figures are quite stiff and quite simply drawn, but his art is also highly detailed, with lots of fine line work, and most of the material here has been coloured for this collection.

This has a recommended retail price of £17.99 / $24.99. I got bought my copy as a birthday present, but the person who bought it for me got it from Amazon, where it is currently £12.59.


  1. Never heard of this but you've got me intrigued. Might have to give it a try.