Thursday, 19 May 2011

Spandex #4

This fourth issue of Martin Eden’s Spandex – which is about a team of gay, Brighton-based super-heroes – is titled O.M.F.G., which seemed like a pretty good choice of title to me.  It starts with the return of the 50-foot lesbian from #1, who attacks Diva – my favourite Spandex member – in her own home, and from there most of the rest of the team are taken down one-by-one by the various members of Les Girlz, a team of lesbian super-villains who have been lingering in the background since this series began.  The attack on Spandex member Indigo, and the revelation about her pregnancy, was particularly shocking, but most of the attacks on our heroes were a bit of a surprise, and it seems likely that one or two of them may not live to see the next issue.
This is a really good series, with great characters, nice art and very high production values – full-colour, glossy paper – for a self-published comic.  Although it’s rather rude in places, and definitely not for kids, it reminds me a lot of the super-team comics we used to get in the late-seventies / early eighties: Claremont / Byrne-era X-Men, Wolfman / Perez-era Teen Titans, etc.  It’s a lot of fun but also full of action and drama, and every issue has been a hell of a lot more entertaining than any single issue – or any single story arc – of the New Avengers.  Super-hero fans everywhere should check out this series – gay or not – and Bendis et al should take note: this is how you put together a good team book.  I generally feel like a bit of a fool any time I crack and pick up a copy of a Bendis Avengers comic – I quite like Bendis and I quite like the Avengers, so how bad can a Bendis-written Avengers comic be?  Oh.  That bad. – but I can’t wait to read the next issue of this comic.

Spandex #4 is available for £3.20 (including postage) from Martin Eden.  I assume it’s available from selected comic shops, too.          


  1. You're right, Rob. Spandex is great. One of the best superhero comics currently being published.

  2. I should probably check out his previous series, the O-Men, too.

  3. Do. I loved the O Men. Still hoping he'll bring it back / finish it off one day.