Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Stray Bullets: A West Anthology

Last year’s hardcover collection of writer Andrew Cheverton and artist Tim Keable’s ‘West’ comics was one of my favourite books of the year, so I ordered a copy of this new West comic as soon as it came out - no rationing - and I wasn’t disappointed.  Unlike previous issues, this contains art by various artists, including both Cheverton and Keable.  Cheverton provides the Simon Gane-like art for the framing strip, in which ‘fabled gunman’ Jerusalem West’s great grandson recalls some of his great grandfather’s adventures, which may or may not be true, while the adventures themselves are illustrated by Tim Keable, Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Jenika Ioffreda, Paul Rainey, and Emma Price.
I was particularly excited to see Paul ‘There’s No Time Like The Present’ Rainey drawing a (funny) Western strip but all of the artists here – most of whom I was unfamiliar with – do a great job.  I was very impressed by the creepy, Guy Davis-like art of Warwick Johnson Cadwell, and Jenika Ioffreda’s manga-influenced art was very professional looking.  I must admit, though, that it didn’t seem like West until I arrived at the story illustrated by Tim Keable, who also provided a very nice cover for this issue.

The stories were all good – Badwater Lake and Bad Dollars, my favourite stories, were both more light-hearted than usual, Midsummer Ball was touching, and Fort Eyrie was touching and, err, eerie – and I can’t wait for the next West comic, ‘Confederate Dead’

Stray Bullets: A West Anthology is available for £3.50, including postage, from Angry Candy.  


  1. Glad you liked the issue, Rob, and thanks for posting a review.

  2. No problem. When's the next one due out?

  3. Next issue - Confederate Dead - will officially debut at Thought Bubble in November, though it will be ready way before then (Tim only has about four more pages, and a cover, to draw). We might do a special preview edition for Caption, depending on the schedule.

  4. Cool. I'm going to Caption this year so I'll get one off you then (if it's out).