Saturday, 25 June 2011

Eagle Comic : 12th June, 1982

Ahhh. 1982. The Eagle Comic. I remember it well. I remember getting Issue 1 because I was going to visit somebody in hospital, and my parents wanted something to keep me occupied. I remember Dan Dare's car switching number plates in that first episode. I remember Doomlord being pretty cool and all of the other photo strips being a bit crap, and I remember dropping the comic before too long, partly because some of the photo strips were a bit crap and mostly because it wasn't Marvel.

However, I came across a stock of these recently in a long neglected corner of Northampton, and I have to admit, I do have a faint twinge of nostalgia for them. I remember how modern that logo seemed at the time, and how cool the Dan Dare strip was (obviously I didn't know the original)

Reading through this issue as an adult, there's a lot more that you notice. Look, the footy strip is written by Tom Tully (he did lots of Roy of The Rovers and Billy's Boots), Dan Dare is credited to Mills and Wagner, whilst there's a couple of Alan Grant credits in there.

But that's not why I bought this issue. There's one short story that I saw on the interweb a few years ago that I distinctly remembered from my callow youth, a grisly tale of a comics dealer ripping off a punter. It was the first time I ever saw the interior of a comics shop (it is Forbidden Planet in Denmark St), and, oh look, it's written by Alan Moore.

In reverse On The Ration style, I, like our titular Collector, made sure that I paid a fair price for it. And it's the best 50p I've spent in a long time. Read it here, and let me know if I made the right decision.


  1. I appreciate that this kinda side steps the point of this post but not too long ago I purchased a reprint of a Doomlord from a fan of 2000ad on that comics boards. He bought the rights to some of the stories and has done a print run and it was chuffing fantastic stuff. I mean any comic were the led character is a bit too beat up and so ends up as a dog except with his own alien head has got to be a winner!

  2. Hey Colin - I've got that as well and it is surprisingly enjoyable. For anybody who might be interested, the website is here -

  3. To clarify, On The Ration IS about paying a fair price for a comic. I consider £1.20 to be a fair price for most modern Marvel and DC comics.

    I read a bunch of these Dan Dare stories not so long ago and they were pretty damn good. It was the whole photo-strip thing that i found off putting at the start.

  4. I,er may have won some more issues of this comic on ebay...

  5. That's an excellent story. Given what I said in my She-Hulk review a couple of weeks back about how obsessed I was with 4th Wall breaking stories as a kid, I'd have just loved that. Somehow, it works even better for being a photo strip too.

  6. I bought lots of comics I wouldn't normally read for Alan Moore stories in the 1980s but I don't think I ever read this one. The story idea seems familiar from elsewhere but that's gotta be one of the best non-Viz photo strips I've read. Great use of the format. Good to see FP in Denmark Street again, too. I worked there when it closed down.