Thursday, 23 June 2011

Fear Itself #3

Oh dear.  I’m starting to feel like a fool for getting all excited about this latest Marvel event series now.  Matt Fraction’s writing is perfectly okay and Stuart Immonen’s art is great, but most of the action seems to be taking place in other titles and this series is starting to look like not much more than an advert for those titles.  In this issue, one of my favourite Marvel heroes is turned into one of ‘the Worthy’ – the seven heralds of some big villain called ‘The Serpent’ – but this all happens over the course of four pages – two of which are a double-page spread – and this part of the story looks like it continues in Fear Itself: Spider-Man #3 (even though it’s not Spider-Man who turns into one of the Worthy and it’s not someone you would immediately associate with Spider-Man).  Similarly, two of my favourite Marvel villains have been transformed into members of the Worthy, both of those transformations have taken place in tie-in comics and one of those villains hasn’t appeared in this series at all (I don’t think) apart from in the adverts for the tie-ins that appear on the last couple of pages of each issue.
Something big does actually does happen in this comic – a major Marvel hero dies, I think – but it all happened rather quickly and I think it probably would have had more impact if it had happened in that character’s own comic, rather than here.  Plus it’s not like that character hasn’t died and come back from the dead before, so it was hard to get too excited about it.
This has an RRP of $3.99 and I didn’t get my copy ‘on the ration’ at all.  I bought it in my local comic shop – The Grinning Demon in Maidstone – and paid full price for it.  I don’t know exactly what that price was, as I also bought a lot of other comics and graphic novels that were heavily discounted – including two new / sealed hardcover Marvel Masterworks books for £10.00 each – and didn’t get a receipt, but I reckon it was at least £3.00.  However, the bloke who runs the Grinning Demon is always very friendly and accommodating, so I don’t regret buying it there at all – I do kind of regret buying it, I just don’t regret buying it there – and I will probably buy the rest of the series there, too, because I’m a completist idiot who is still stupid enough to think that this series will pick up again and allow me to catch up with everything that has been going on at Marvel over the last year or so.  

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  1. Like you, I'm disappointed that after a strong beginning, the last couple of issues have been little more than reactions and fight scenes. The fear element seems to have gone missing completely - they should have called the book Fights Themselves.