Sunday, 29 January 2012

Too Much Sex & Violence #2

This is a shameless plug, not a review.  An objective review of this comic would be more or less impossible for me to write, as it is written by Rol Hirst, who has written many reviews for this blog, and I am one of the many artists – Stephen Prestwood, Neil Cavenham, Dave Metcalfe-Carr, Nigel Lowrey, Mark Renhard, Ryan Taylor, Tony McGee – who contributed to it.  Still, I read it yesterday and, in my heavily biased opinion, I thought it was great.

Too Much Sex & Violence is set in the fictional seaside town of Fathomsby, home to retired superheroes, vampire DJs, four-armed gigolos, and various other oddballs, including Sister Serena, a nun who offers a very unique service which male readers should find particularly distressing.  At first glance, TMS&V seems a lot like the TV series The League of Gentlemen, but now that we are two issues in, it has really started to distinguish itself.  I was particularly intrigued by the description of Fathomsby as a kind of retirement home for individuals with shady reputations ‘who have served their country in such a way as to be granted full immunity ... from all future prosecutions’. 

Rol clearly knows what he is doing here.  He has created some great characters for this series, has cleverly juggled the scenes to allow for a rotating crew of artists (I drew three pages for this issue, drew two pages in the first issue, and am currently drawing two pages for the third issue), and has produced a really, really strong script.  I am a fan of Rol’s writing anyway, but I was honestly surprised by how good this issue is.  It’s much better than the first issue, and that was bloody good.  He may want to consider taking up writing comics for a living.  I think he could go far.

As I said, I am not able to be objective at all regarding this series, so you should probably just check it out yourselves.  Both issues are available to order from Rol for £2.50 each (including postage within the UK).  Alternatively, both Gosh and Orbital in London have the first issue (Orbital definitely still have a few copies left, I’m not sure about Gosh) and if you are an Ace Comics customer, I know that Biff also has the first issue (it may be available elsewhere but you’ll have to ask Rol).  Hopefully, the same establishments will soon have the second issue, too.  

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  1. Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham are stocking it too, and very soon it'll be live on the streets of Harrow, thanks to Neil C's LCS.