Thursday, 1 March 2012

SPANDEX 6 by Martin Eden

The story OMFG not only reaches its penultimate episode this issue but so does Spandex itself, as revealed by Martin Eden in the editorial. Although this is something that Martin had always intended, it’s still sad to learn as Spandex is the best superhero comic currently being produced. The dynamics and emotionally intense adventures remind me very much of early Wolfman and Perez New Teen Titans and sometimes Claremont and Byrne X-Men. In fact, in this issue, Neon’s rescue of the rest of the group is reminiscent of Wolverine’s rescue of his team mates from The Hellfire Club, the story in which the character came into his own and is considered a classic in X-Men terms.

Martin’s artwork is deceptively simple and undeniably strong. One look at the cover demonstrates that he is an artist who knows when to stop. Just one extra line could have distracted from the subtle sadness in Diva’s eyes. In this issue, we see some more of his artistic versatility in a number of more detailed flashback scenes.

Martin’s writing is strong also. His dialogue is tight and unencumbered while his pacing dramatic. Martin is a creator of powerful and occasionally audacious character ideas. See this issue’s climax for a good example.

If you’re a bit slow on acquainting yourself with Spandex then the good news is that Titan Books are scheduled to publish a collection in a couple of months. However, three good reasons to buy the self-published singles accompany this issue, them being mini-comics drawn by T’sao Wei, Garry McLaughlin and On The Ration’s Robert Wells. These fun, hand produced extras are the sort of thing that only self published comics can provide you.

Issues of Spandex can be ordered from here.

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